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Watch The Background
I was taken a walk the other day at Brookgreen Gardens when I spotted a Mockingbird feeding on some berries. Photographers are always looking for a shot like this and I didn’t want to mess it up. The best thing to do is take a bunch of pictures before the bird flies away. After your pulse slows down, try to make the best of this situation. Look to see if you can get closer, maybe moving right or left would improve the picture. You can see by the first two pictures the background is green because of the trees in the background.

With the green background the Mockingbird does not stand out. The pictures are nice but their not a prize winner. You can see by the next two pictures I improved the shot by simple bending down low and using the blue sky for my background.
I also tried blurring out a tree with Spanish moss on it in the background. By blurring out this tree I still got a clear crisp Mockingbird and also got a background with some character.


When you're out taken nature pictures and the subject allows you, always look to improve the situation and the shot.
I used a Nikon D70 and a 70-300mm zoom lens.

" A good photograph is knowing where to stand "
                                                               Ansel Adams

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