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I took this photo in January 2012. See a few of us from Myrtle Beach went over to Occupy Columbia Critical Mass, trying to make the world better for everybody. Now you hear our economy is getting better (it is), but not fast enough. I wonder how many more people have lost their homes or maybe their jobs. I talked to this lady about where our country was at and I could see she had no job to loose and surely not a home. But what she did have was hope. Hope that people like her could get just a little help to climb that ladder and maybe someday she could have a job or maybe a place to live with heat and running water. This election is so important this year, are we going back to the same things that killed the world's economy like more tax brake's for the rich and an unregulated wall-street or are we finally going to do the right thing and give this lady just a little help. This year it's not about Obama or Romney it's about a system of given all hard working people a fair change to make their life's better. We are all in this together the rich, the middle class, and yes the homeless too. So let's do the right thing this year and vote for Obama. I don't want to be the one that takes away this ladies last thing she has HOPE.
As a photographer you are always looking to tell a story with your photos. This photo was taken in North Carolina on Oct 29, 2008 where Senator Obama was speaking. This lady with all her rings and bracelets was born in 1953 and can remember drinking from black water fountains, black bathrooms, and the race riots of the 60s, You can almost fell the pride coming from her hands holding this sign as high as she can watching this African-American man on his way to become the first African-American President of the United States.
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